All you need is a date

Big or small. Corporate or entertainment. Afternoon or 15 days. We got you.


Automotive events

One of our specializations are car promoting events


Thematic events

Always fun and special, thematic events are harder t oproduce but yield great results


Christmas Parties

We like to think we are the best in the business when it comes to Christmas


Active and fun

Whatever your heart's desire is



Singers, bands, entertainers, dancers, performers or hostesses. We got you covered.


Full support

Whether it's a logo, brochure, creative concept, promotional matherials or a social media campaign. have no worries, we produce everything in house.


Best Parties

We take pride in ability to motivate even old grumpy man to dance with us!


Relax and just say the word

Just give us your goals and clues and decide where you will spend the lazy afternoon…
By the time you come back we’ll create drafts you will enjoy to chose from.
(Usually we don’t produce solutions in one afternoon, but generally, this is how it feels)
It’s a metaphor.
never mind.
we are fast and you’ll like it.
That’s it.

Had some rough rides?
Don’t worry, the summer is coming!

As in every relationship, it takes continuous effort to make collaboration with the client pleasant and fruitful on the long run. At Nabukodonozor, we take pride in our effort and ability to create a relationship that is beneficial, joyful and long lasting.

We are easy to work with, “of course” is our favourite response and our main focus is to completely understand client’s needs and desires so we can make them true over and over again.

Please feel free to challenge this statement.